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About Oti Ekere

Oti Ekere is a passionate brand strategist, author, public speaker and leadership coach whose core concern focuses on brand visibility, scalability and personal development for young entrepreneurs across the African continent and beyond – guiding them with a quality leadership approach and mastery that transforms their brands into a global one from a household name.

She has successfully helped young entrepreneurs gain transformation in terms of personal development that prepares them for great exploits with her quality e-books and quality audio materials. A mother with amazing children, she has helped more than 10,000 small scale businesses achieve measurable growth in terms of brand visibility and accelerated brand positioning that helps them gain profitable market share.

With more than a decade of brand building experience, her ASKOTI community platform has continually affected small scale businesses positively; this has made her a most sought after brand strategist in Nigeria.

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About AskOti.

The Askoti community is a growing platform of more than 15,000 budding entrepreneurs across Nigeria. Owned and coordinated by the renowned brand builder, Mrs. Oti Ekere, she has successfully helped many business owners gain visibility and growth via this platform. With her astuteness and brand strategy know-how, she is making many entrepreneurs find solid branding and skill capacity building through many online training and workshops she has organized on the platform.

The AskOti community is where you can;

  1. Network: We have a growing community of more than 15,000 entrepreneurs who are active business owners across more than 500 business niches. Where would you rather be?
  2. Grow: The AskOti community group helps you grow via impactful workshops and seminars that positively impact your brand for positive growth in real-time.
  3. Discover resources: Find new tools, articles, and resources that can help you take your company or career to the next level.

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About the team

The AskOti community is the best place to access a quality mentor-mentee relationship that will positively reflect on your brand. We are not just a community of like-minded brand owners; we are one large family poised for outstanding brand success!

Vision: The AskOti community is a platform that will launch Africa’s finest entrepreneurs into their exciting future.

Mission: We are committed to improving entrepreneur’s brand and economic values through valuable training, impactful workshops and quality content for accelerated growth and brand visibility.

Why you should join: Do you seek brand growth, accelerated visibility, a large return on investment, mentorship, networking and vast knowledge on entrepreneurial skillset with amazing leadership qualities? The AskOti Community is the right place for you to actualize your brand’s greatness.

What you stand to gain: Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely pursuit because there are more than 32 million entrepreneurs and small scale businesses in Nigeria, and to be part of the leading number; you need to be among the genuine brand builders whose mindset aligns with yours. Our platform is an incubator for future business leaders and successful entrepreneurs whose businesses will become a blueprint for the coming generations. Our network is quite robust with above 10,000 growing membership across 30 different business sectors!